At Foster Angels we really do love our caseworkers! They are the front line and connection to the foster youth our entire mission is based on. As the workers constantly help the young people on their caseload, it seems that they never have time to relax. Foster Angels has a dedicated event that offers appreciation for all the work that caseworkers do. Since Foster Angels covers such a large area, we offer them the chance to attend an event in Waco and Austin. The first event took place on February 27th, at the Punch Bowl Social Austin. 150 caseworkers were able to relax at a good dinner after a long day at work, with a free buffet, beverages and games provided by Foster Angels. The second event was on  March 28th at Nina’s in Waco, Texas at lunchtime. Primarily, for Waco, College Station, Bryan based caseworkers. Sixty caseworkers were able to have a delicious buffet with other colleagues. Not only were lunch and dinner offered at the events, but workers were delighted to participate in a raffle of prizes.  Prizes ranged from $25 Target gift cards to $50 VISA gift cards. Equipped with a Foster Angels tote, a stressful ball and a full stomach, the caseworkers were now ready to continue their good work with the foster youth. Seeing the caseworkers truly happy is what this is all about!