Meeting the needs of children in foster care and creating a sense of normalcy.

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Since 2010, Foster Angels has served over
children in Central Texas and counting.

The mission of Foster Angels is to improve the lives of children in foster care by ensuring each child has their basic needs met and providing life-enhancing, life-enriching opportunities whenever possible.

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While infant Rae is living with her aunt, her father promised to build her a crib while he works his CPS services. However, because of the recent COVID-19 pandemic he has lost his job and can no longer complete the project. So far, she has been sleeping in a pack-n-play and needs to be in a crib. 
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Three siblings are living with their grandmother who cannot work right now due to COVID-19. As a result, she needs help getting food and milk with a grocery gift card.
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A group of siblings are each in need of different education supplies as they engage in distance learning to finish up the school year in response to COVID-19.
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