In October of 2016, Foster Angels of Central Texas joined forces with creatives for Build A Sign’s  24-hour CreateAThon event, where four marketing professionals sacrificed their normal sleep schedules to design an entire re-brand for the face of Foster Angels. While the “original Foster Angel” has served us tirelessly over the past seven years, we are excited to roll out our new logo and branding.

Jordan Beckvonpeccoz and Michelle Huey were part of the creative team and volunteered to work with Foster Angels for over a year to refine and perfect the designs. When the journey began, the objective for the logo and brand design was to embody our mission statement of providing hope and shedding light on the lives of children in foster care without a literal translation of our name. Through the abstract design work, countless versions of the logo, color variations, font possibilities and beyond, this team accomplished just that.

“That’s the thing I’ve always wanted to do with my design work—to help people” Beckvonpeccoz said.

In order to come to the initial design, the team sat down with co-founder Sarah O. Smith to get a thorough understanding of the mission and program of Foster Angels and what it means to the children served. At the core of Foster Angels, it is in existence to help that one child in foster care that feels alone and needs to be shown that someone cares for him or her. In other words, to shine a light on the lives of children in foster care.

“What’s cool about the brand is the combination of colors, the modern typeface and the light weight line-illustrations. Anyone can fill in what you think about the organization, and what you perceive. You can say Foster Angels makes a difference in the lives of foster children; you can say they make a difference in the foster care system or even in the lives of people who donate or volunteer. The light is shone in multiple directions, wherever you see it” Beckvonpeccoz said.

2018 is an exciting time to launch our new logo that embodies the hope and light of Foster Angels.  As you find your own way to #BeAFosterAngel this year, we hope you enjoy shining a light in the lives of foster children, and in return in your own life.