Did you know that Amazon has a giveback program that donates a percentage of your amazon purchases to a charity of your choice? Follow the steps below to set Foster Angels as your charity to give back to our mission at no cost to you! No matter which steps you take below you must begin the process by setting Foster Angels as your charity on smile.amazon.com or through this link.

On your browser:

  • When you are shopping Amazon on your computer’s browser, make sure you shop smile.amazon.com (it is exactly the same as amazon.com but will prompt you to set your charity as Foster Angels of Central Texas and any purchases made on smile.amazon.com will donate a percentage.
  • OR add a browser extension here that will make sure even if you forget to shop on smile.amazon.com your purchases still get donated to Foster Angels.

On your phone’s Amazon app: 

  1. Open your Amazon app on your smart phone
  2. Find settings in the main meny
  3. Tap on AmazonSmile
  4. Follow the on=screen instructions to turn on AmazonSmile from your phone.