Real Requests

Foster Angels provides foster children with opportunities to develop social competence and self-assurance, by ensuring their basic needs are met and providing them with the means needed to participate in activities that emphasize social interactions. By allowing them to gain confidence, they are more likely to succeed. Foster Angels fills these requests within 48 hours whenever possible and divides the requests among seven categories: education, medical, food, clothing/personal items, housing/shelter, adoption assistance and recreation.

Here are just a few cases that Foster Angels was able to assist:

17-year-old Noah has been through some rough abuse throughout his life that has caused him to be placed in a Residential Treatment Center. Living far away from his friends and family, the one thing he looks forward to more than anything are his weekly visits with his cousin. What he doesn’t know is that his cousin is really struggling to afford the gas money to make it to every visit he can.  Thankfully, with the help of gas cards from Foster Angels, Noah can continue looking forward to every visit with his cousin so he can focus on his treatment.


Foster Angels has been working with five girls that are living at The Settlement Home and taking a weekly hip-hop dance class. Each girl started taking the class for their own individual reasons, but with the same underlying purpose to focus some negative energy from their past into something productive and fun! The home just received news that in order to perform in the recital, each girl needed to pay an $80 fee that will also cover their costumes. Foster Angels could not let the girls miss out on the experience to perform, so we made sure to cover the fees as soon as we got the request.


Leo is a 15-year-old kid who just wants to run away. Every time he talks with his foster parents or caseworker he says he can’t explain it that he is mad all the time. So Leo’s foster parents signed him up for some boxing lessons so he might channel that anger into a productive outlet. After a few months, Leo’s mood drastically improved. To keep encouraging Leo, his foster parents reached out to see if they could get a punching bag in their house so he could have that outlet at home. Fortunately, Foster Angels was able to get it installed within the week!


Real Requests

Foster Angels receives requests from children on a daily basis. See examples of real requests.

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