Real Requests

Foster Angels provides foster children with opportunities to develop social competence and self-assurance, by ensuring their basic needs are met and providing them with the means needed to participate in activities that emphasize social interactions. By allowing them to gain confidence, they are more likely to succeed. Foster Angels fills these requests within 48 hours whenever possible and divides the requests among seven categories: education, medical, food, clothing/personal items, housing/shelter, adoption assistance and recreation.

Here are just a few cases that Foster Angels was able to assist in 2015:

Education: Brian is an 18-year-old who has been in permanent foster care since he was just six years old. His mother severely abused and neglected him until he was removed from her care. Brian’s high school graduation was a huge personal accomplishment because he is the first person in his family to do so. Foster Angels was able to pay for his high school class ring—a token that will forever remind him of his success.

Medical: Jeremy, a 19-month-old baby boy was born blind in one eye. As Jeremy starts learning how to walk, he is having a lot of balance issues because of his disability. Recently, he was prescribed special glasses that will help him overcome those balance issues. However, Jeremy’s caregivers are unable to cover the cost of his glasses because they are on a fixed income. Foster Angels was able to provide a VISA gift card to cover the cost of Jeremy’s eye bills. Now Jeremy will be able to work through his balance issues, and soon he can take his first steps.

Food: 16 and 17-year-old brothers Slone and Casey had been living with their aunt when she unexpectedly “needed them gone” for no apparent reason. Before this the boys were living with their mother who struggled with substance abuse and had witnessed her be beaten by their alcoholic father. While these are great kids, they have not caught a break their entire lives. Fortunately, a family from their youth group at church took them in immediately and it seems that they have found their forever home. However, the quick transition from the aunt’s sudden change of heart left them financially struggling for the time being because of the lack of planning. Foster Angels was able to offer HEB and Wal-Mart gift cards to fulfill their immediate needs and kick start their new lives with a loving family.

Clothing/Personal Items: Mother of two, Candace, reached out for help as she was trying so hard to go back to school and get on her feet for her daughters. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, this mom could not catch a break and reached out to the regional director of Child Protective Services to talk about her case. From that conversation, the department and Foster Angels worked together to provide the girls with beds, toys, and clothes while the department provided the family with home appliances to get this family on their feet to start a new chapter in their lives.

Housing/Shelter: Five siblings were placed with new caregivers this summer due to neglect in their previous home while their father awaits his trial for murder. The children’s new placement took all five siblings without any financial assistance from CPS or the parents. The new caregivers are on a single income and struggling to find resources to take care of the kids. Foster Angels stepped in and was able to provide bunk beds so that the kids would all have somewhere to sleep at night in their new home.

Adoption Assistance: Katie and her siblings found their forever home, but in order for their adoption to move forward every one in the home needed to go get their finger prints done. Foster Angels provided the financial assistance for the family to be fingerprinted so that their adoption could move forward.

Recreation: 12-year-old Price has seen more than his fair share of tragedy and violence in his young life. His mother struggles with substance abuse and has had several boyfriends walk in and out of their lives. Price has both witnessed and been the victim of abuse in his home and now suffers emotional trauma not only from the abuse, but also his mother’s threats of suicide. Recently, Price was moved out of the care of his mother and is in a new home. While Price adapts to all the changes his life, Foster Angels was able to send him to ATX Action Camps for a month to focus his energy on something he loves: his skateboard. Not only is Price going to learn how to enjoy his skateboard to the maximum with all the new skills he will develop, we have also provided him with a creative outlet for the trauma he deals with from his past.

Foster Angels Wish List

Foster Angels is always in need of gift cards from Wal-Mart, HEB, Target and Pre-Paid VISA.   No amount is too small! We purchase new items for children in foster care and therefore prefer gift cards over donated items.  We do hold collection drives for backpacks/school supplies, baby items and life-kits (moving into their first apartment). Please contact the office to learn more.

Real Requests

Foster Angels receives requests from children on a daily basis. See examples of real requests.

Thank You Notes from The Children

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