Real Requests

Foster Angels provides foster children with opportunities to develop social competence and self-assurance, by ensuring their basic needs are met and providing them with the means needed to participate in activities that emphasize social interactions. By allowing them to gain confidence, they are more likely to succeed. Foster Angels fills these requests within 48 hours whenever possible.

The following are some examples of how Foster Angels has improved the lives of our many foster children:

  • Brian is an 18 year old who has been in permanent foster care since he was just six years old. His mother severely abused and neglected him until he was removed from her care. Brian’s high school graduation was a huge personal accomplishment because he is the first person in his family to do so. Foster Angels was able to pay for his high school class ring—a token that will forever remind him of his success.
  • A family of 6 siblings, all under the age of 9, was found living in an abandoned church without running water or electricity. They came into foster care with the clothes they were wearing and nothing more. Foster Angels immediately provided the children with the funds for new clothes, shoes, and personal care items.
  • Stevie is 6 years old and in foster care due to neglect and abuse. He often watches his neighbors ride their bikes from his caregiver’s window. Stevie has never had a bicycle and has wanted one for a very long time. Foster Angels was excited to bring some joy to a little boy’s life that deserved to feel like a normal kid.
  • Siblings Alexis, age 10, Destiny, age 8, and Alan, age 3, were all able to participate in sports programs at the YMCA. Alexis chose cheerleading, Destiny chose gymnastics, and Alan was able to play T-ball.
  • Lisa and Melissa were victims of abuse and neglect by both parents. The girls have been in foster care for two years and have come a long way. Melissa is in her first year of college and Lisa is a junior in high school. Foster Angels was able to purchase a laptop computer for the girls to use for school projects and research.
  • Rory is a 19 year old high school senior. She is diagnosed with mental retardation and is in permanent foster care until she ages out of the system. Rory is the second oldest of 5 siblings and came into care due to severe physical and medical neglect. Likely her senior prom will be one of the biggest events in her life, and she wanted to be able to document this time with a prom photo package and yearbook. Foster Angels paid for these items for Rory. As her caseworker stated, “she is grateful for everyone that is able to make this time in her life special.”
  • 9 year old Mary was able to have a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. She told her caseworker it was a dream come true!
  • Billy is a five month old baby in foster care. His foster home was destroyed by heavy floods, and Foster Angels quickly provided bedding for his crib, and other basic need items.
  • Tamara, 12, witnessed her mother’s attempted suicide and called 911, saving her mother’s life. After her mother was hospitalized for mental health issues, Tamara was left with nowhere to go and is now in foster care receiving grief counseling. Tamara loves to sing and uses it as a creative outlet for dealing with the many stressors in her young life. Foster Angels paid for voice lessons and materials for Tamara so that she could continue to do the thing she loves most.
  • Trisha is a former foster child, and she has a 2 year old child of her own. Foster Angels was able to assist her with bus passes and a uniform so that she could start work at a local restaurant. Without this assistance, Trisha may not have been able to provide for herself or for her toddler daughter.
  • Special events, such as the Prom, are often never experienced by children in foster care. Foster Angels provides assistance each year to help over 80 girls and boys with a dress or tuxedo, shoes, and accessories for this special occasion. They will carry this wonderful memory in their hearts forever!

Foster Angels Wish List
Foster Angels is desperately in need of gift cards from Walmart, HEB, Ross, Target, and pre-paid Visas.  No denomination is too small!  We allow children to shop for exactly what they want–new items at the store of their choice.  For this reason, we prefer gift cards over donated items.

Contact Jennifer at 512.732.2329 or for more information.

Real Requests

Foster Angels receives requests from children on a daily basis. See examples of real requests.

Thank You Notes from The Children

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