Board of Directors

  • Julie Applewhite
  • Suzy Balagia
  • Paul Bessette
  • Jo Burgh
  • Leon Chen
  • Thom Farrell
  • JJ Gottsch
  • Cuatro Groos
  • Connie Jobe
  • Richard Leshin
  • Derek Lewis
  • Vilma Luna
  • Wallace Lundgren
  • MP Mueller
  • Hannah Nokes
  • Ted Oakley
  • Kathy Petet
  • Sarah Smith
  • Bill Walker
  • Jim Whorton
  • Sharon Woodul
  • Shelia Brown, Ex Officio
  • Liz Wilson, Executive Director

Real Requests

Foster Angels receives requests from children on a daily basis. See examples of real requests.

Thank You Notes from The Children

See how you can make a difference in the life of a foster child. View thank you notes from the children.